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Originally Posted by Suudy View Post
I was WH at a frosh game last night, and we had the following.

1/10 from B's 40 with :08 left in the 4th. Clock starts on the ready. A trailing by a touchdown. A is out of timeouts and lines up to spike the ball. B lines up in the NZ, and the wing calls encroachment. The scoreboard had started the clock on the ready, and it was down to :06. After discussion, we told the scoreboard to put the clock back to :08. At this point, the A coach tells his players to come over to him. The wing on his side is telling him the clock will start on the ready.

So, we have 1/5 from B's 35, with :08 left in the 4th. The A coach has his players near him. We chop in the play and the clock starts. Time runs out. We call the game and start to walk off the field. The A coach is yelling that they get another down, since "the game cannot end on a defensive penalty."

So two questions.

1. I'm 99% certain that was the end of the game. We are NFHS, and the period is extended for any accepted foul _on the last timed down_. Now, the encroachment was not a timed down, so the period isn't extended. I would just like that last 1% certainty. We got this right?

2. How do you handle end game conferences? Say the ruling was incorrect. How does a coach call a conference after the game is over? How do you correct it?
1. Correct, it has to be live ball foul.

2. He had better get with the wing official. If we correct something we clear the field and play. It may take a minute but that's what has to be done. If fans are on the field use the game administrator and security to clear the field. Explain to both coaches what happened and what has to be done. The more they understand the easier it is.
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