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Originally Posted by InsideTheStripe View Post
Oh yeah?!?!

I bring 4 inch yellow pipe and welding equipment in case the uprights are not at extended at least 10' above the crossbar.

I completely forgot about this...2 weeks ago I got a call to work a postponed game on Saturday morning after lightning had come the night was a 6-man (players-not officials) game at a tiny school. Inspecting the field I went to check the padding on one of the uprights and I moved it (the upright) about 6 inches. The rain and wind had erroded around the base of the thing and it was a 4 inch pipe in a 12 inch hole. After about 6 bags of fill sand, the upright was mostly stable. Good thing too, because those 6 man games you get 2 points for kicking extra points.
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