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Re: Early

Originally posted by JRutledge
Is the Regional the very first round of games?
No, after the conference tourneys, there are 3 sectional games. Winners advance, 4 in each of 4 classes in boys and girls advance to the Eastern and Western Regionals. The Regional tournament(s) is the last two games prior to the State Championship game. So, unless a team has a first round bye in the Sectionals, 6 wins are required to be State Championship.

And why do you find out whether you are doing the Finals so early? Not saying you would and I would not wish this on you, but what if an official screwed up? Do they still get that opportunity to advance that far?
Unless an official was guilty of some type of fraud or other incomprehensible act, I don't think you would see him replaced, just because of a mistake. Officials are carefully chosen, so hopefully, the best people are there. There's defin itely accountability for the people who do the selecting. But you can certainly get stronger games or weaker competition games based on your performance while there. Also, plaques have to be engrave, programs printed, etc. so, the officials xan't be selected at the last minute.

Originally posted by dblref
Just curious about something. In NC, they go as a crew. Does this happen in other states as well? If if does, how do you feel about it? It doesn't happen in my association although I may work with the same official a number of times during the season, maybe even 2 or 3 nights in a rule. But, this is the exception and not the rule.
Our particular association uses the crew concept for the entire season. Our crew is completing our 5th year together. But once a crew is slected for the Regionals, you work as many Sectional games as possible and all of your Regional games together.

Years ago, each association sent 2 crews to the Regionals. Then, they started taking 3 crews, saying they would take the 3 best officials to the states. But as far as breaking up a crew to do that, it hasn't happened.

The crew that worked the first 4A Boys game last night, we worked the 2nd game, is also going to the States for a girls game. But they were very strong, and I could see them getting a Boys' game if a scheduled Boys' crew screwed up.

Hopefully, there won't be any screwups.
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