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I'm still in the clouds!

First Regional game tonight, 4A Men's Regional semi, second game of the evening. Lots of guys there from a camp I went to 3 years ago. I was the R. I asked for it to give myself something to focus on, instead of standing on the sideline as U1 orU2, thinking about were I was. My only hope was a good toss, which I did.

Off to a good start, partner gets a foul on a shot about a mintue in. Suddenly, I remember, "Oh, that's why were here." Next trip down floor, I get a textbook PC foul. Dribbler spins right into defender. Tweet, fist, hand behind head, report. "Good, we got the first one under our belt."

First half was very smooth. We played 6 minutes in the 1st qtr. before I even looked at the scoreboard. Clocks above the backboards are very nice. No other problems, except a complaint by Coach E about a lane violation. Problem was, the opponent moved in and out of his space before his teammate caught the bounce pass. I got nothing. He had a coniption, then apologized at the half. Fouls were 8-7 and I thought we were very consistent.

Second half was a little more desperate, since somebody's dream is gonna end. Had a count on a dribbler while at trail. Dribbler leaves my area, I still got count, nails B1 between the numbers! Tweet! PC! Not a word from Coach.

I kicked one. A1 picks up his dribble, fumbles, goes and gets it and I TWEETED! What a knucklehead! "Sorry little man, I kicked it." Let me have it Jurassic!

Oh well, no need to dwell on it, too much to do. Finished strong. Final score 66-62, lots of pats on the back, etc.

Can't wait to do it again tomorrow night!
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