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Originally Posted by CT1 View Post
Then you should have said so.
Actually I did say so. I said this is what we do; I honestly do not care if others do something different or what justification they use. I made that clear very early and Rich said to follow the standards of your area in the first couple posts on this thread.

And most of all we have had this discussion many times before. No one is going to change the minds of others and I certainly am not trying to change other's minds.

Originally Posted by CT1 View Post
Before the snap.

Here's the Comment in it's entirety:

COMMENT: Football has been and always will be a game of deception and trickery involving multiple shifts, unusual formations and creative plays. However, actions or verbiage designed to confuse the defense into believing there is problem and a snap isn’t imminent is beyond the scope of sportsmanship and is illegal.
For the record around here, they announce they are taking a knee. It happens in just about every game. The purpose is so they can end the game amicably and without incident or as little incident as possible.

Originally Posted by CT1 View Post
The OP's play was during a middle-school game. Unless it was in Texas or Massachussets, NCAA rules don't apply. FED has no such specific prohibition.
I realize what the game we were talking about. The point is multiple levels have made it clear that if they are taking a knee we are proactive in not letting things continue or get out of hand. If you and others do not do this, so be it. Why would anyone really care what you do that does not live in your area? Also a middle school game is often played around here under NF rules and philosophies, so what is expected at the HS level is applied to the middle school/Pop Warner/Bill George leagues. And I also never said we tell players that they cannot hit each other or play football. I said that it is known they will take a knee and we tell players to behave. No different than what umpires in my area tell defensive teams when there is a scrimmage kick. They tell them what they can do with the snapper and it is up to the players to either listen or get penalized.

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