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Originally posted by ChampaignBlue
Originally posted by greymule
I thought that in all baseball and softball, if a player had legally scored, he could not be put out (with the one exception of the force-play slide rule in Fed).

Even if a player thought he left 3B too soon after a catch and retreated after scoring, the ump would count the run and take him off the basepaths.

Unless Fed has some stipulation I don't remember, I would not call interference on a player who attempted to return in the mistaken belief that he had missed a base or left one too soon.
As described I'd have INT because R1 drew the throw while on the base path. Had R1 simply walked off the field after the no catch and the defense threw to the plate then that would be different. Jim
But R1 is not out. The run scored legally. And R1 did not interfere. He/she was returning to tag up at 3B, thinking the ball was caught. And the succeeding runner was tagged out. ONE OUT on the play.

Even if you rule interference by R1, you cannot remove the run. There is still only one out made on the play.


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