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Thumbs up Pre-Game Conference

I remember before the begining of the 1999-2000 season here in New York,There was a pre-game card being issued to all of the officials on my board(who wanted them!)Talking about sportsmanship and they asked us to read this card to the captains during our pre-game with them. To no surprise none of the officials ever used this card(including myself)And I see now they want us to talk about sportsmanship with the coaches and captains.If I am ever placed in a situation as the referee in the crew,I would invite the coaches out to the pre-game and if they decline to come out,I would not make a big deal out of it!Especially from my own experience with pre-games with the captains they don't remember much of what you tell them anyway! that's why I allways keep it simple.Also here in NYC we were not instructed to penalize coaches for not coming out to the pre-game conference.THANK GOD!
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