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1) The poor girl would have easily broken the scoring record if not for the devastating injury. Giving her the two points was a great gesture by both teams. There is a big difference between 2 points and 80 points. Come on.

2) I would have no problem with an "inadvertant whistle" on senior night when both coaches agree.

Lighten up!


Originally posted by TriggerMN
That Nykesha Sales/UConn thing was the biggest mockery I've ever seen, and I have not watched a women's college game since. What a joke. That wasn't even for the team, that was for an individual record. It made a disgrace out of the game, and should have never been allowed by the coaches, much less the officials, because if I remember correctly, she had a big boot cast on her foot.

"Oh coach, my girl is only 80 points away from the state record, will you let her score the first 80 points tonight, then we'll let you score 80 to tie it up?" Get real. That's not basketball, that's embarrassing.

As far as one team gaining possession in the boys game in this situation, either call a time-out or purposely throw it off somebody so that the ball goes OOB. I'm not just stopping the game for no reason.
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