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Originally Posted by rockyroad View Post
Kingsman - a couple of questions:

1) What part of the country are you in? I ask because - out here in the West - more and more of the D-1 conferences are hiring people to work both sides, or at least having camps where both Supervisors are present to see officials work.

2) Who is telling you that you should go to the Women's side? Are they current D-1 Men's officials, or current D-1 Women's officials? Are they current D-1 officials at all?

Bottom line - go to the camps that you want to go to. The worst that can happen is they tell you "No, thanks".
1) I am located in sunny San Diego, CA. All the.camps I know of out here or in the neighboring areas are still one side or the other, except for the JC camp I believe.

2) It's a mix of both men and women's officials, at levels ranging from D-1 to D-3. That's what made me think about this, the fact that officials from both sides were telling me.
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