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J Rut is right on...........

King -

I have to agree with everything that J Rut said. I will work a couple camps
this year as an observer and let me say this. There is a certain "it" factor that seperates men and women's officials. A lot of the successful men that work on the women's side seem to me to be a bit more passive and don't have that "type A" personality to get in a coaches face when neccessary.

Remember most super's on the women's side are women and they don't want a man to come in there and tell them how things are to be done. Not being sexist, just the way it is.

A friend of mine worked the NCAA women's tourney this year at the age of 30.
He started going to camps at the age of 19. He is not intimidating physically.
I am sure if he was on the men's side he would be D II and D III material.

This is not to say he can't work.

At 5'10" and thin it sounds as though you are not threatining. Women
supers LOVE that.

Whatever you do work your *** off and take info like a sponge !!!!!!

I get the impression that you want to go to the women's side, but you need some coaxing.

Best of luck !!!!!!
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