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Originally Posted by Kingsman1288 View Post
Thanks for the response. I am athletic and quick so I think that's why they say I have the women's look. Glad to know my look wouldn't necessarily hurt me on the men's side. I guess what I'm more worried about is if I try the men's side and it doesn't work out, would that hurt me if I then tried the women's side? I would prefer the men's side but officiating either side is fine. I just enjoy officiating
You are at the age that if it did not work in the next 4 or 5 years you could switch. And unless you already working are college, you could go to both sides of their camps and see how it works out. Sometimes this decision is made for you, like it was made for me. There are people that will never work Men's basketball for example and they have little choices. If you have the money invest in camps on both sides and see what you like the most. You need to find out for yourself and that might help your decision.

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