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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
JRutledge, Jurassic Referee, and RichMSN: I can see your point, but RichMSN, you really should show at least a little interest in the implications of a rule clarification, especially since non-officials (coaches, fanboys, etc.) are known to frequent this Forum, and we don't want to give them the impression that we don't care about minor rule clarifications. We have debated, and discussed, much more minor rules, and interpretations, than this, on several occasions here on the Forum.

I do not think that Rich does not care they way you are suggesting, I think we are jumping the gun. We will not know until the rules are written. And I know I do not care what a fan or coach thinks of my thoughts on the rules a few months before the rules are clearly written. And I really do not care what they think when they do not read the rules themselves when it is made available to them. Bottom line, wait until the rules are in writing and then we can discuss the wording. But right now all we would be doing is speculating about something we have no idea will have an answer. I teach an officiating class and have an official role with the rules and mechanics so I am really interested in what the ramifications mean, but not for the reasons you stated.

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