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Who Let The Dogs Out ???

Regarding the NFHS 2011-2012 clarification: When an opponent contacts the thrower-in, an intentional foul shall be charged to the offender. Rationale: Any type of contact on a thrower is an intentional foul. The defender does not actually have to break the boundary plane.

Is a delay of game warning still charged to the offender's team in the cases where the offender doesn't actually cross the boundary plane? If so, under which of the following articles?

4-47: A warning to a team for delay is an administrative procedure by an official which is recorded in the scorebook by the scorer and reported to the coach:
ART. 1 For throw-in plane violations.
ART. 2 For huddle by either team and contact with the free thrower.
ART. 3 For interfering with the ball following a goal.
ART. 4 For failure to have the court ready for play following any time-out.

10.3.10 SITUATION C: Team A scores near the end of the fourth quarter and is
trailing by one point. B1 has the ball and is moving along the end line to make the
throw-in. A2 steps out of bounds and fouls B1. Is the foul personal or technical?
RULING: This is an intentional personal foul. The time remaining to be played or
whether Team A had been previously warned for a delay-of-game situation is not
a factor. If the team had not been warned, the foul constitutes the warning.
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