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Originally Posted by BadNewsRef View Post
NCAA already has TC for a throw-in and the 10-second does not start if the clock is not yet chopped in. I'm guessing the words "inbounds players" is what would cover you for this situation. I'm also guessing those words are supposed to be the reason we don't start the count if a defender tips the throw-in. Still don't know definitively whether or not to start the BC count if the ball hits an inbounds offensive player.

Rule 9 Section 10. (Men) 10-Second Violation
An inbounds player (and his team) shall not be in continuous control of a ball that is in his back court for 10 consecutive seconds.
If that's the only wording for the exception, it's sloppy, as his team would still be in control once the ball hits the floor on a throw-in pass. One of those situations where we all know the intent, but the wording doesn't say it.

That could get some arrogant and randy official into some serious trouble.
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