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I think the point is that a coach can request a timeout to correct an error at any time. Yes, a scoring error can be corrected at any time. (The failure to count a 3-point shot, by the official, may not be corrected at any time.)

I suspect the letter of the rule is an error in the score book, but I would not exclude the score board until someone (association officer/evaluator) makes me differentiate between the two.

When a coach request the timeout for the error, then the referee and both coaches resolve the issue at the scorer's table. If in fact an error was found, then no timeout is charged and return to the game. OTOH, if there was no error, then the coach is charged with a timeout (full). (I don't think the rule prohibits using a 30-second one if no full timeouts remain.) If the coach did not have a timeout, then it is a technical foul.
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