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Originally posted by APHP

A1 is straddling the division line, with his right foot in the FC his left foot in the BC. A1 catches the pass, fumbles it, then immediately starts to dribble the ball in the FC while still straddling the division line. Is this a BC vioation. IAABO and BktBallRef's answer is False.

Rule 4, Section 21---A fumble is accidental loss of PLAYER CONTROL when the ball unintentionally drops or slips from a player's grasp.

When A1 fumbled the ball into the frontcourt (player control ended) the ball now has frontcourt status and in team A control. If the ball is loose (free-with no player control) in the frontcourt, then the ball has obtained frontcourt status--while still in team A's control. I fail to see how this can be disputed. The fact that A1 now starts to dribble the ball, does not now change the ball to backcourt status, without a violation.
He never said he fumbled the ball into the FC therefore no FC status. If the ball had hit the court in the FC, then it would be a violation (caused the ball to go from the BC, to FC, and return to BC in team control. I think the point he is trying to make here is the 3 point rule for FC status while dribbling.

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