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Originally posted by Snaqwells
Not quite meaningless, as a player cannot travel during a fumble. Can she?
Rule 4
Section 15, Dribble
NOTE 2: A player is not dribbling while slapping the ball during a jump, when a pass rebounds from his/her hand, when he/she fumbles, or when he/she bats a rebound or pass away from other players who are attempting to get it. The player is not in control under these conditions.
Section 21, Fumble
A fumble is the accidental loss of player control when the ball unintentionally drops or slips from a playerÂ’s grasp.

Now clearly you cannot travel while not in control (although you should tell some of your collegues about that rule!), but the dribble rule is the only one that mentions fumbling the ball as an exception.
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