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Team Control/Throw In After Made FG

Let me preface this with I am not an official, but a former college coach at a HS county final last night. I am certain a mistake was made in this situation but maybe somebody can clarify for me. A1 is taking the ball out of bounds after a made basket. While he is holding the ball attempting to inbound and clearly has not released the ball yet, A2 is called for a foul for pushing off to get open against B1. Both teams were in the double bonus situation. However, B1 was NOT awarded 2 free throws. I have always been under the impression that in HS basketball, team control does not begin until the ball is inbounded. At the time of the foul there was 1:30 left in a tie game so obviously a huge play. I happened to see the exact same scenario with :17 seconds left in a 1 point game on Saturday and the team/B1 was correctly (or I think correctly) awarded 2 free throws. I asked the coach after the game about it and he said the official told him it was a team control foul. That official also happens to work college games and in those games he would be correct. Maybe uniformity in this rule would be a good thing since in many county and state tourney games you have many guys who work D3/D2/etc on these high school games.

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