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1) officiating before bigger crowds,

2) working pressure one-and-done games,

3) constantly being evaluated adds to the pressure,

4) also, if they wanted to work another game, then they had better call the game as the evaluators wanted in the past or wants them to do today,

5) working with officials that they did not work with during the regular season and not knowing if the coaches really wanted them to officiate the game,

6) officials not working many three-person games during the regular season until prelim or tournament games.

7) using three officials today with six eyes being able to see more than four eyes is probably the biggest of the seven reasons.
Wow, what a tool.
1. The guys getting picked for tourny games were likely working in front of big crowds a good portion of the season.
2. Hardly a reason for anything. He could just as easily have used this excuse if statistics showed the reverse; fewer calls in post season games. This actually would go more towards the players actually committing more fouls.
3. No pressure here, either. These guys were getting evaluated all season and this is their reward.
4. Valid
5. Not valid, as has been noted, this just makes for better pregames with higher quality officials.
6. ???
7. He really needs to do some homework on this one. 3 officials don't typically result in more foul calls; just more accurate foul calls.

Is this what passes for journalism in Maine?
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