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Originally Posted by cmhjordan23 View Post
8th grade boys tournament championship. Really well played. Had OT. After the game both coaches said great job to both of us. Except for the fact I should have T'd up the winning coach. Can only stand using coaches box in Varisty, other than the obvious timeout or applauding a player. Losing coach didn't like the fact that he was arguing with us while standing up. My explanation to the losing coach was, yes he would argue a little. Didn't like a call or asks a question a sits right back down. I don't have a problem with that especially since I tell every coach that I don't mind questions, but I will not debate a call. I guess I don't think the coach warrants a T. Would anybody handle this differently?
1. I agree with the first to comments. The losing coach was correct.
2. Why in the world would you tell a coach that? In an 8th grade game? No way I'm inviting trouble like that.
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