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Originally Posted by Welpe View Post
  • Two players ran full speed into each other at half court while going after a lose ball. The came from different directions and I deemed it incidental. One of the player's father loses his mind, comes down from the stands and starts screaming about needing to protect his boy, yada yada. The guy seemed like he was about to come onto the floor when the AD corralled him and escorted him out. My partner thought I should have had a foul.
I get one of these per season - where just 1 coach wants a foul. I ask who gets the foul when they "got there" at the same time, or I say that "same time - so I'd need a double foul". I don't recall my reply never working.

I have found that this play is a great time to "anticipate the action, but not the call". Being in great position for these crashes goes a long way for credibility.

Originally Posted by Welpe View Post
  • Same game as above, home team player goes up for an uncontested layup. While he is airborne, a visiting defender comes in and clotheslines him across the head. I immediately come up with intentional but am thinking flagrant. I ended up letting my partner talk me out of flagrant. Should have gone flagrant.
Sounds like a definite flagrant.
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