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Originally posted by hawkk
Originally posted by Marty Rogers
Same coach went crazy when we called a held ball on a try that got stuck in the flange, and went with the AP. Another "new rule" becuase it has ALWAYS gone to the team who didn't get it stuck! Never figured out what planet this guy came from.
I actually would like to see his rule adopted . . . but that's mostly because I HATE the arrow . . .
Entertain these thoughts... on a shot attempt team control is "surrendered"; therefore, if the ball becomes wedged you are required to go to the AP.

(Perhaps this is the coach's logic ) Using the situation above, A shooter airballs and the ball sails out of bounds. Why do we not go to the AP in this scenario?

Is there a story, or history, behind why we go to the AP on a Wedgie and not on an airball that hits OOB?
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