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Originally Posted by johnny1784 View Post
A1 shoots a shot from behind the three point line and the trail official indicates a three point attempt. The trail official’s position is straight-line with shooters feet. The shot by A1 goes in and trail official signals the shot is good at buzzer. The lead official thinks the shooter A1 was touching the 3 point line and confronts trail official who isn’t sure it was in fact a 3 point attempt. Trail official then asked the table what they saw. Table personnel agree with lead official that A1’s toes where on the 3 point line. Trail official waves off the 3 point goal and instructs table to change to a 2 point goal for Team A. Team A lost the game by 1 point. Was the correct method applied to wave off the 3 point goal?
If a non-calling official thinks something other than anyone else whose opinion matters, they do nothing.

My provincial interpreter said this years ago: if they know that an error was made, they should kill the clock immediately, and change the call.

Another approach is to kill the clock, and offer information to the calling official.

These two methods are preferred because the non-calling official can often kill the clock before the ball is live again.

Yet another approach is to let the play go and offer information at the next clock stoppage. This is problematic because you might have a long period of time go by before a clock stoppage.

Ultimately, it could be "when in Rome situation."
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