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Originally Posted by PIAA REF View Post
OK, I know this comes down to personal preference but do officials that where pants with a belt realize how dumb and almost unprofessional it looks? Spend the extra 10 bucks or so and get the beltless pants. It looks so much better and doesn't look like you are a ref in the movie hoosiers. (great movie though) Am I the only one who feels this way? I had a HS Varsity game last night, it was in a different association and both guys had belts on. To make it even worse the buckles were huge. I just don't get it. Any thoughts on this? IF you do wear a belt what is your reason for not getting the sansabelt type of pants?
So you dump on them and then want a reasonable discussion? Good luck.

In my last association, it wasn't unusual to wear belts. I did a varsity game with the president of the local association, and he was wearing a belt.

Here, in this association, I wouldn't dream of it.
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