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Originally Posted by Snaqwells View Post
I didn't deny its existence. It's not the same situation. It's two post players punching each other, then play is stopped. In the video, play is stopped before the punched player can even get off the floor. You going to call his retaliation a double flagrant personal?

I don't know how you can call a personal foul when the ball is clearly dead.
You penalize the total act including retaliation.

Are you seriously trying to say that if there's a fight, we always need to catch whomever threw the first punch? The first punch would be a flagrant personal foul and an immediate retaliation would be a flagrant technical foul?

If that's the logic you're using, I suggest you contact your IAABO board interpreter and get him to run that one up the line for you. If you don't think the language of the different case book plays that I cited applies, nothing further that I can say would be of any help or value.

Please let us know the answer though when you get one back.
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