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Originally Posted by Welpe View Post
I'm good with treating it as double personal, as I consider it to be all one event. As I said earlier, double personal, double tech. Doesn't matter IMO as long as they are both tossed and we don't shoot.
But it does matter, because by rule you can't call the 2nd one a personal foul. The ball is dead. I'm not talking about two players who suddenly start punching each other, like in the case play. There's a discernable time difference between act 1 and act 2.

A1 punches B1, B1 falls down, holds his nose, gets up, punches A1, and now the two go at it with A4 taking bets.

By rule, you could have a Flagrant personal (I suppose) followed by Flagrant Double Ts, but I don't think that's what the committee wants here. You can't have double personals, but I think you can justify double Ts based on the rule.
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