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I violated rule #1.....not THAT rule #1

Forgive me board for I have "sorta" sinned. It has been......lets just say a long time since my last confession...
Intersting game Saturday. I actaully verbally criticized an official from my Assistant Coach perch!! Here are the plays:
1. V1 strips the ball, as it rolls on the floor V1 tries to pick it up but it keeps rolling. TRAVEL. "You can't travel if you don't have possesion" Ofc1: "Once she touches it she has possesion."
2. H1 drives to the basket V1 guarding. H1 lowers shoulder and puts V1 into the wall. No call. "Why was there no call? She lowered her shoulder" Ofc2: "They were running side by side when the girl put her shoulder down so no call". ME: "You might want to check LGP in your rule book at half time"
3. H ball. Deflection. H1 takes 2 dribbles in front court, crosses line, and one dribble in back court before returning. No over and back. OFC1: " She didn't have possession" ME: "According to you she did. She "Touched" the ball in front court before going to the back court" Later, same play, but V1 takes one dribble then steps in back court. OFC3 makes the CORRECT call. Wife YELLS across court to first official "That is the same call YOU screwed up. Maybe you should take notes from this guy!" OFC: "I know the rules. I don't need any help" "You don't know s*$%!" with a nice foot stomp for good measure.She got the T!
4. While administering the T. I direct two of our players to stand on the 3 point line behind the shooter. OFC1 blows the whistle and tells our girls to get back behind the line. I tell them to stay exactly where they are and don't tmove (The girls LOVED that) After some back and forth OFC1 tells us we have to move the girls back. I ask him why? He says it is the rules and if we dont' he will eject the head coach. I stood up and asked him in an even voice. "Are you 100% sure you are right? Because if you toss her, you have to send in paperwork. How embarrassed are you going to be when you find out that you ejected a coach becasue YOU don't know the rules." OFC1 "I don't need a lecture on the rules from an Assistant Coach" ME: "Then you make the call, b/c our girls aint moving". OFC3 comes over and huddles them together. Our girls stay. And yes it had the desired affect of freezing their shooter as she proceeded to miss her second shot!

After the game OFC3 comes and apologizes to me about the rules that were kicked. I told him that is fine, at the end of the day you can only be responsible for the calls YOU make and he made the right call on the OandB as well as the T administration. It also helped that we won after being outshot on the FT line by 35. Leading a double life can be so confusing!
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