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Originally Posted by NoFussRef View Post
Thanks for the help getting thread/posts going and for the welcome.

In sit2 the 3 A-screeners actually "surrounded" B1, all facing inward towards her and subsequently preventing any escape route for B1. Thus effectively locking her down to one spot on the floor, B1 would have to foul her way out of this, or stand there till play is over.

I would think 10-1 ART.10 would apply to sit2 also "restrict the movement of opponent" ?
No problem! Glad I could help.

10-1-10 specifically says a team shall not lock arms or grasp each other in an effort to restrict an opponent. As long as they're in a legal screening position, are not grasping or locking arms, and give the proper time and distance, I see nothing wrong here. Granted it's not smart offense as there will be no spacing and you're making things easier on the defense.

Also remember this is strictly NFHS rules. I noticed you said you have some modifications for your league. I would check with your assignor.
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