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Originally Posted by lmeadski View Post
This happened to us twice in a BV game this past weekend. On a loose ball, both A1 and B1 arrive at the ball at the same time. Both make an attempt for the ball and collide, falling to the floor like sacks of potatoes. The second time, A2 and B2 were going for a loose ball which had been deflected into the air. As they reach for the ball, their wrists wrap around each others, laying the kids out and having them drop to th floor, another sack of potatoes. In both situations, the players were playing the ball, arrived simultaneously, and did not play each other. Both times, we had no calls. Coaches road us (how can you not call something), even our assignor thought you have to at least pick one for a foul. Seeing both plays quite well, I could not imaging calling on one - it had to be a double foul or no call, our crew opted for no call. How do you all handle these loose ball situations?
I follow the rules. Specifically NFHS rule 4-27-2&3 in the situation described above. No advantage gained = no foul called, no matter how severe the contact. It's that simple. You had it right imo and the rules back you up completely..

Stoopid monkey coaches and assignor.
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