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Originally Posted by PSidbury View Post
Yeah, I was thinking dunk.
Specifically, I was thinking about a dunk with traffic under the basket which leaves the shooter hanging on the rim to prevent injury to himself... and while he is hanging he is fouled.
In this new scenario, would you call a shooting foul based on the definition that the shooter has yet to return to the floor, albeit hanging on rim for a second or two after the made basket?

Hanging isn't necessary. Just like any airborne shooter, he has to be allowed to land. If the defense undercuts him, it's a shooting foul. I've had a defender come in and intentionally foul the "dunker" before he landed.

And yes, assuming the hanging was legitimate and not a technical foul.

That brings an interesting thought to mind; the possibility of a T for hanging on the rim followed by a shooting foul on the defense for undercutting him as he tries to land.

It would be the rare case (in NFHS rules) where the T shots would be followed by the shot for the shooting foul.
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