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Originally Posted by deecee View Post
I agree coaches dont like being ignored, i simply answered the question based on the what was asked. Dead ball was not one of the qualifiers.
Agreed. I guess I was just saying that I may ignore or may not ignore based on the original post. Depends where I'm standing and how long I'm standing there. If I'm in his lap for a bit, I'll probably acknowledge him at least even if it's during a live ball.

Last night we had an inbounds pass near the division line and the player caught the ball and established frontcourt status with one foot (only) down in the frontcourt. As she pivoted her other foot towards the backcourt, I wished I was somewhere else, cause I knew in that split-second I was about to call a backcourt violation and have the visiting coach tell me she's allowed to do that. That's exactly what happened and I felt it was worth a quick explanation since I was standing right next to the coach (well, at the division line tableside) when I made the call. I told him what happened and he said, "what about the three points?" and I told him that "three points" only applies on a dribble -- the whole exchange took about 5-10 seconds. After the game, I asked my partner in the locker room if I should've just called it and moved on and he said, "well, after the explanation the coach sat down and didn't say another word about it" (partner bumped up to take the throw in on the violation) so maybe I made the right choice, although I'm not a big fan of proactively explaining my calls without a question -- in this case there was a question even if it wasn't in the form of one....

I digress, but it's great to be working again.
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