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Originally Posted by Mark Padgett View Post
I prefer, "It wasn't my area, coach."
There's a better way of saying the exact same thing:

"I was watching XXXXX," replacing the XXXXX with exactly what you were watching at that particular time.

Or even saying, "I was looking elsewhere" sounds marginally better than saying "it's not my area."

Or even saying, "I didn't see it, but I'll keep an eye out for it."

Coaches DO NOT CARE about areas or primaries or such.

Last night, working GV, a girl ended up with a bloody nose while jostling with a girl off-ball. I was on-ball, which means (in the lovely 2-person system) that my partner had to (essentially) pick up 8 other players. I figured he didn't see it. The coach, on the next dead ball, gave me a sub for his daughter (why is it always the coach's daughter?) and told me about #42 giving a shot to his players. I listened, asked a clarifying question, and told him I would keep an eye on it. The coach was satisfied, we went back to work, and the girl came back in with her nose plugged up on the next dead ball.
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