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Originally Posted by Robert Goodman View Post
One play I've wondered about for a long time as to how it'd be officiated, since #2 above was adopted, is a desperation no-look backward pass. Does it count as a pass or a fumble if a player being tackled lets the ball go backward in a haphazard way, and it hits the ground? Do you rule that to be throwing the ball, hence a pass, or some other loss of possession, hence a fumble? I guess what I'm really looking for is whether the benefit of the doubt (as to whether the motion of the ball is a throw) goes to the player getting rid of the ball or the opponents, when the 4th down funble rule is a consideration. Is it the same amount of presumption as would be the case for distinguishing between an illegal forward pass and a fumble, or different?
Backwards pass, whether purposely thrown or not, is a lateral (aka:fumble) and is a live ball. If the QB's arm would be going forward, but the ball is a fumble by rule. Whatever takes place during the loose ball fumble on 4th down would dictate where the ball was placed to start a new series for A. Illegal forward pass carries loss of down, so if the ball was thrown forward beyond LOS, or for grounding, etc...B would take over on downs, provided no penalties against them during the play....siting NFHS.
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