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Originally Posted by rbmartin View Post
Then I applaud you sir.
Originally Posted by MrUmpire View Post
There is no "That Line". There are many lines. Umpires through their experience, background, and knowledge and understanding of the game, have their own line. Those who draw it most apporpriately move up and are successful. Those who don't, don't.

It's similar to Louis Armstrong's famous response to the question of "What is jazz?"

"If ya have ta ask, you'll never know."

Draw your line. As you progress you will move it one way and then the other. It'll curve to include somethings but not others. Watch, work, listen and learn and your line will be right where it's supposed to be.
I'm not sure that in this context comparing baseball (which has a detailed written rulebook, a lot of written caseplays, written interpretations, extensive written manuals and spectators, players and coaches always checking to see if you made the "right" call) to Jazz (where the better you make stuff up "on-the-fly" (i.e., improvise) the better you are) is entirely the right analogy. I get what you're saying, but am a little leery of taking it too far. No one wants to be "officious". Everyone should want to be "official"
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