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Originally Posted by Scrapper1 View Post
I was going to say this as well, but didn't want to start a fight. I go to a Men's D1 tryout every year (I'll never get in, but I know the assignor from camp and I like him, so I go). Every year, he says "I don't care what your mechanics look like. I don't care if your positioning is off by a few feet. Just do me a favor and get. . . the [bleep]ing. . . call. . . right."
This is one of the things that John Adams is trying to correct and I (respectfully of course ) must disagree with your assignor. But I understand that you must do what your assignor tells you to do.

Adams is trying his best to get all officials "on the same page" and be uniform when it comes to floor work. It is the thinking of your assignor that is detriment of what Adams is attempting to do.
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