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100% Correct, Tom

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Theisey
Originally posted by Theisey I certainly hope the rule wording does not say what you just quoted about. if it does, then the NF rules people missed the boat on this change.
A holding call against a flyer could very well be 7 to 10 yards down field and the kick hasn't even been made yet.
What you just said than disqualifies that from being a PSK foul.
That isn't PSK as the NCAA defines it nor should it be how the NFHS defined it.
REPLY: This is the thing I've been most concerned about since first reading about the Fed's ideas about PSK. Whereas the NCAA has something called a "scrimmage kick play," the Fed has to try to force-fit PSK into some sort of exception to typical "loose ball play" enforcement. And to stipulate that R must have "clean hands" prior to the scrimmage kick crosses the expanded neutral zone adds serious mechanics issues into what is already a rather weildy rules issue. PSK enforcement should include the interval between the snap and the kick as long as all the other PSK criteria are met.
Bob M.
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