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Last night I was calling a fall 'JV league' (it was very JV to say the least)

First game of the night on the field and both coaches are 'discussing' who is the 'home' team in order to determine who 'must get the bases and place them on the field'. Finally they get their acts together, and we have a home team, bases laid out my partner calls the coaches together for a pre-game. After a quick pre-game (we are starting the game about 10 or so minutes late anyway), partner starts the game clock and informs 'home' coach to 'hit the yard, you are on the clock'.

After about 2 or 3 minutes, home team still hasn't left the dugout area, and I walk over and remind the coach that the 'game clock is running' and they 'might want to get his team out on the field'. Coach says 'okay, we are ready'.

another minute passes, and home coach walks out of the dugout and claims 'we are the home team, we bat first'. PU explains that the 'home team bats in the bottom half of innings'

Home coach asks with a puzzled look, 'When did that rule change'?

Later in the game, same coach asks me why i am not calling the other team's pitcher for pitching 'illegal'. (while this we very very JV, a called strike was a rare thing anyway). I asked him what he though she 'doing to be illegal'? he replied, 'I don't know, it just looks illegal'.

gotta love fall ball
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