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Originally Posted by mbcrowder View Post
Really? How come? Just from the photo, it looks like a perfectly legal (if somewhat painful) stiffarm. Facemask requires at the VERY least a grasp - and then action coming from that grasp (twist, yank, etc). I got nothing based on both the OP description and the photo.

Only time I've called this, both were runners grasping the facemask and throwing the defender straight down by pulling on the facemask.
Wow, from the photo it looks like a face mask, not sure what your looking at. I blew the photo up & you can see is pinkiw & ring finger in the mask. I agree you can't tell all the facts from a photo. I called this for the first time in about a 1000 games last week when the runner was trying to stiff arm/go around the defender & pulled the defenders mask straight down as he was tackled, he puller the defender so hard it looked like the first thing that hit the ground from the defender was his chin & the runner still had a good hold of the mask. It should be a no doubter if your gonna call it.
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