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Originally Posted by RefItUp View Post
I have read somewhere, like a side-one from the NHFS rules or something like that they are indeed Officials of games. And yes, they are suppose to be unbiased...good luck though.

But in my high school, when I didn't have games to officiate myself, or before I was legally allowed to officiate, I worked the table and I was very professional in how I worked. Made sure I had the horn, informed the refs of getting close to bonus, remaining timeouts, etc.

But that's just me.

Overall though, they are indeed to be considered Game Officials or some other terminology similar to that.

I was told something similar, back 9-10 years ago when I was doing timer at a Summer League/AAU game.

Unfortunately, majority where I'm a "table official", I'm the only person there who is neutral/unbiased, as I mostly work JV/C-squad games so the other personnel I work with are either students or parents of the schools participating.

Actually the few Varsity games I've worked, there were some times where a person would be biased/favored of a team but after a few reminders, they ceased their activities till after the game. Overall though, for me, it's easier to work Varsity than JV/C-Squad cause of the personnel.
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