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Originally Posted by Rob S View Post
We had the same thing last night, but instead of a 3 yard gain, it was about 60 yards for a TD. The official claimed he blew his whistle to stop the play, but no one on the field heard it. We ended up enforcing the penality, which made the home team (A) fans rather unhappy. But we just went by the rules; the play never happened.
You have to enforce the penalty, and whatever the results of the action, the play, in fact, never happened. To avoid this, the calling official has to stay on the line and continue blowing his whistle and signalling time out UNTIL the action stops.

Of course once any of the other officials hears that whistle, or sees the time out signal, they should also blow their whistles and signal Time Out UNTIL the action stops.

You have to keep reminding yourself, it's not your whistle that kills the play. The whistle only alerts everybody that the defensive player who encroached has killed the play.
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