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Thumbs up "Clean Hands"

Originally posted by Theisey
Try to resist using the term "R got the ball with clean hands" as in actuallity they did not.

I'm going to use a portion of an NCAA definition, so fill in the actually NF equivalent for this, that portion is that we apply PSK to team-R/Bs foul was more than three yards beyond the NZ. If their foul did not meet that portion of the definition, then PSK would not apply.

That's whay I say to forget the clean hands stuff during the scrimmage kick. A team R/B foul 3 or more yards downfield while the kick is in the air is most certainly would not be clean hands, but that doesn't matter for PSK

Your answer looks correct. The basic spot for PSK is the spot where the kick ends (BAG it).
I understand what you are saying and I am confident we would both penalize this foul the same way, however;
The NFHS likes consistancy and they ARE NOT throwing out the term "CLEAN HANDS" is respect to PSK. Rather they are saying:
"..This new change does not create any exception to the penalty code, but rather, a new enforcement spot. In addition, the rule change does not change the concept that R has to get the ball with “clean hands,” but that they have to have clean hands until the ball crosses the expanded neutral zone."
As I write this I realize there are two ways of saying the same thing (your way and the NFHS way). I just think it is important to note that the NFHS "CLEAN HANDS" principal IS NOT disregarded for this play rather R/B responsibility for "CLEAN HANDS" ends when the kicked ball crosses the neutral zone expanded.
I guess that was alot of words to say I agree with you, and I so glad PSK has finaly arrived!

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