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Originally posted by Theisey
Try to resist using the term "R got the ball with clean hands" as in actuallity they did not.

I'm going to use a portion of an NCAA definition, so fill in the actually NF equivalent for this, that portion is that we apply PSK to team-R/Bs foul was more than three yards beyond the NZ. If their foul did not meet that portion of the definition, then PSK would not apply.

That's whay I say to forget the clean hands stuff during the scrimmage kick. A team R/B foul 3 or more yards downfield while the kick is in the air is most certainly would not be clean hands, but that doesn't matter for PSK

Your answer looks correct. The basic spot for PSK is the spot where the kick ends (BAG it).
Thanks. Many other officials and I are going to need to spend some time understanding PSK enforcement and these types of exercises are very good for me personally.

Am I correct in stating that if R wanted to accept K's foul (during the kick), it would be a double-foul and the down would be replayed?

Is the PSK spot just another SPOT on the field?

I realize it may be difficult to answer because the NFHS doesn't have the rule wording out yet, but maybe your NCAA experience can help me understand this.

I am very grateful for any/all help you have already given and additional help you can give to me.


Mike Sears
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