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My question is, what does the NCAA get from hiring ASA to manage training, evaluating, and post-season assignments? These are two big organizations and this segment of ASA will be under the direction of NCAA; that can't sit will some of the people at the National level of ASA. With some of the egos that could be involved on both sides, I can see alot of butting heads between organizations.

And, how does ASA manage their responsibilities within the organization at both a National level and a local level? My biggest concern has to do with the 'old guard' of the ASA. It has been my experience that this group within ASA has had contempt for the NCAA; to which I can sympathize as the NCAA has had more success (IMO) promoting softball at HOF stadium than ASA has.

I guess the way I envision this possibly shaking out would be ASA creates a new 'branch' within the National office; the NCAA liason, for example. That person fulfills Kathy's role as head of the SUIP. ASA then assigns people to roles similar to those of Emily and Ed, possibly regional directors similar to ASA's existing structure (Regional UICs). These regional directors would be in charge of working with Conference Coordinators (whom they have no control over in terms of who fills these roles), regional evaluators, umpire training, and post-season recommendations.

A couple of the problems I can foresee:

~ The manual; I don't think ASA will be very accepting of what Emily (and many others in support) have put together. To your point, Mike, regarding Billy P's philosophy (which I completely agree with); the fact that his philosophy has not been more widely endorsed throughout ASA is the heart of this issue. On the other hand, maybe this provides the ASA with an opportunity to create this alternate advanced umpire training because they no longer have to always be 'of the masses'.

~ Non ASA registered umpires working NCAA softball. I don't see how ASA will not want to require umpires to register with ASA, nor do I see the NCAA allowing the ASA to make such a demand. Someone will have to give in to the other.

A couple benefits (for ASA and its umpires) I could see coming from this:

~ ASA could provide umpires with additional avenues to Elite and ISF status by adding NCAA post season assignments to their list of 'Major' tournaments.

~ By teaming with the NCAA, ASA would enhance their connection to the highest levels of Women's fastpitch softball. With the loss of the Olympics, the International game is dwindling; countries are not funding their teams to the same level and that is reducing ASA's exposure at the top level of televised (therefor widely visible) softball. The top draw (I think, no actual numbers to back this up) is the WCWS. ASA's only connection to this event has been HOF stadium. By taking over the SUIP, ASA would increase its exposure.

I'm sure there is alot more but I've written enough for now.
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