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Re: Penalty Enforcement???

Originally posted by KWH
Ok, 2003 NFHS Rules

1) K's ball 4th and 16 on the K15.
2) After K-9's punt has crossed the neutral zone expanded and is still in flight, R-2 is flagged for an "Illegal Block in the Back" at the K40.
3) The ball hits the ground at the R45 and while it is bouncing around K-7 is flagged for an "Illegal Block in the Back" at the K45.
4) Then, R-1 scoops up the untouched ball at the 50 and advances to the K30 where he is downed.

You make the call!
I'll give it a shot with my VERY limited knowledge of PSK. If the announcers can do it, so can I

This is my guess at is.

We have a PSK foul on R so I'm assuming this means R got the ball with "clean hands". The enforcement spot for the PSK foul is either going to be the end of the kick (or, depending upon the action, the spot of the foul????). K's foul complicates matters a little and the rest of the action is unimportant. If R wants to keep the ball, the must decline K's penalty and R's penalty will be enforced from the end of the kick. (Where R gained possession??)

If R accepts K's foul, we have a double-foul ??? and replay of the down???

Can't wait to actually get the rulebook. How'd I do? I'm using my game sense to answer.

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