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Originally Posted by okla21fan View Post

It was pretty fruitless to be in college station last year. The weather didn't help much, but the instructor/student ratio was close to 1 to 40. Lots of down time and 'standing around'.
Ronald and I went to the NUS in Virginia last year, and the student/instructor ratio was around 20 to 1. There were also numerous UICs and Deputy UICs (5 or 6, I think) present to assist in the instruction and drills. I was quite satisfied with the school.

I do wish that we could have higher level schools that aren't just once per year. I would like to advance, but it's difficult when there is only one advanced slow pitch camp per year. If there were more choices or locations, I think attendance would improve.

I haven't decided if I should call it from the dugout or the outfield. Apparently, both have really great views!

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I won't be coming here that much anymore. I might check in now and again.
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