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I am not clear what is meant in your second issue, so I present several alternatives and my thoughts.

1. Do you mean that a coach/ref is an office holder in an officials association and coaches and refs in the same league?
Should not happen, conflict of interest

2. Do you mean that a coach/ref in a league that an association governs holds an office but does not ref those games?
Doesn't sound like a problem, in cases of potential conflict between the parochial interest of the coach and the business of the association, the coach should abstain from any decisions. Most decisions should be fairly neutral in nature and not impact the individual's ability to do either job impartially.

3. Do you mean that a non-referee coach holds an office in an official's association?
Could provide valuable input, so why not? I would recommend that the job rotate so that many coaches get a better understanding of the official's side of things and that the officials receive different viewpoints over time.

4. Do you mean that a referee/coach holds an office in an association that has no authority over their league?
Clearly no problem, many people on this board both coach and referee, and some of our club coaches also referee.
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