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Great info here! I just have a couple other things that you can try or toss:

Someone mentioned "puposeful movement" but I recently learned that "confident purposeful movement" is a very promoting factor when others are looking at you.

Act as if you belong there.

If the clinician has something for you at a t/o or halftime, try to make the adjustments immediately.
Clinicians/Supervisors are looking at: 1. Are you coachable? 2. How soon can you adapt?

Double down in the paint.

What you do AFTER you blow the whistle is so important. Be strong at the table. When reporting the players numbers "slap the window" dont "break the window."

Be a good partner. ie: "good get, Bob" "I have your shooter, Mary."
Non calling official get em lined up or set up OOB for the throw-in.

Commuicate, communicate, communicate!!
I gotta new attitude!
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