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Here are my $.02

1. Referee your primary, when ball is not in primary, do not ball watch. Find the match ups in your area and commit to them 100% of the time.
2. Trust your partners, if they pass on a call that you think that you see, pass on it too. If you are going to go fishing outside of your primary, make sure it is a non basketball play of something that the primary official may not have a look at.
3. Step down on every shot from C and T.
4. All rebounding fouls should come from C and T. Work very hard at not calling this foul from L.
5. Mirror signals, this is a hard one to do but if your partner calls a foul and it is close to your primary just put a fist in the air and no whistle. This helps to sell the call to coaches and players.
6. Talk to players and coaches, help them to not call game interupters.
7. Have a patient whistle. If the ball goes in the hole and players played through the contact, play on.
8. Hustle
9. Be in position, move with a purpose to see between players in your primary.
10. Listen
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