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Re: Re: Rut,

Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by Tim C
So in your area:

Let's say that the varsity coach is sitting on the bench of the "last" freshman level game of the season.

That coach is ejected . . . from the freshman game.

The Freshman Season has now ended, for the year.

There are 10 Varsity games left on the schedule.

Does this mean that the varsity coach cannot participate in any of those 10 games?


Assuming those 10 games are in the next 10 days, yes, that's what it means.

(To tell the truth, I wasn't aware of the 10-day part of the requirement. I thought the requirement even carried over to the next season.)

That said, it's not our job to enforce or even comment on the rule. If asked, I feign ignorance (that's not hard for me to do). I will (and have) answered questions from the State on who participated / coached in a particular game.

Probably best to feign ignorance because it isn't the officials duty to enforce IHSA by-laws. Good answer.

Here is information from the IHSA website about the by-laws:

Q. If a player or coach is ejected from a junior varsity soccer game, when is he/she eligible to participate?
A. A player or coach ejected from a junior varsity soccer game for unsportsmanlike conduct will not be eligible to participate
at any level of competition in soccer until the next junior varsity soccer game has been completed. If there
is no contest at the same level within a ten day period, the ejected player or coach may fulfill the requirements of
the by-law by missing three contests for another team(s) at any level in the same sport for which they are a rostered
player or contracted coach. (By-law 6.011)

Q. If a player is ejected from the first game of a doubleheader in softball, is she eligible to play in the second game of the doubleheader?
A. No. (By-law 6.011)

Q. In the same situation, if the girl was in the lineup for the second game should the umpire allow her to play?
A. Yes. Game officials are not responsible for enforcing By-laws 6.011 or 6.012. The ejection from the first game should
be reported as required. Note: all ejections for unsportsmanlike conduct must be reported in writing to the IHSA and the member school(s) involved by officials within 48 hours of the incident. (By-law 6.011)
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