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Some of this depends on the type of camp you are attending, but this is really what works no matter what. If this is a college camp where they are hiring people for a league this works well too. A teaching camp might be a little more laid back, but at those types of camps people can and will recommend people to others that actually give games. So it is best to do some of these things and more if need be.
  1. Hustle
    You cannot defend not hustling. You will get credit for doing this even if you do not know what you are completely doing. It shows character and shows you take what you are doing seriously.
  2. Always listen to clinicians
    Do this when you are working and when you are not working. It is always a good idea if there is a court where you will work to watch a game or two before. Then you can learn what they want you to do and you follow it completely. And if you see a clinician(s) talking to guys that just worked, go to that conversation.
  3. Do not hold auxiliary conversations when clinicians are talking
    You do not want to be talking to other officials at least right in the court area. It just looks bad as there is always a "know it all" that is trying to tell people what to do and have no idea what is expected.
  4. Clinicians do not care what else you have been told before.
    This drives guys crazy. They do not care what other camps you have been to or what those have told you before. Just do what is asked at the camp. You will not always agree, but never tell them..."Jeff Rutledge told me....." because they will ask who that is or may not respect that person. Even if it is someone that is big time they still may not care who that person is. Just do what they are teaching and then do what works when you leave.
  5. Pick up pennies.
    This is probably the biggest. You will not agree with everything people tell you. You might even be told mechanics that do not apply to the level you work. Deal with it. Many times clinicians are telling you things that work for them. It may not work for you and that is OK. You do not need to have a debate with them about it. Just listen and pick up little things. If you can pick up a little thing from each clinician than you have got your monies worth. You do not need to completely take on everything you are told.

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